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Curtains and blinds do finish a room’s décor. However, they also act like filters trapping dust and other materials. Not only can this make them look unsightly, they can become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and allergens. This can become a serious problem for anyone suffering allergies or have a weakened immune system.

In commercial settings, dirty or dusty curtains and blinds can become a significant health hazard and lead to client dissatisfaction, reduced occupancy rates and increased repair or replacement costs, not to mention how they look visually.

Maintaining your window furnishings prolongs their life, improves customer experience and saves money due to extended life of the curtains and blinds. A scheduled cleaning regime is strongly recommended.

In a hotel situation, there is nothing more embarrassing and costly than your customers asking for another room because of dirty or mouldy curtains. Not to mention the possibility of future loss of income and reputation due to customers not returning to use your facilities.

Landlords may consider including a window furnishing clean be mandatory at the end of a lease. This will extend the life of your window furnishings as well as the possibility of increasing rents or at the very least maintain them at their current levels.

Offices, Schools, Universities and Government building need to be aware they have a duty of care to anyone working or visiting their workplaces. Having mouldy or dirty curtains and blinds may affect some people with allergies or compromised immune systems.

We understand commercial situations and will endeavour to work with your time constraints to minimise disruption or loss of income. To do this we can discuss the possibility of quick turnarounds, working out of hours or in holiday periods. We are here to assist in any way possible to achieve satisfactory result.

We are happy to discuss your requirements at any time. Pease call 07 5549 0996 to arrange an appointment at your premises.

Why Choose Kleena Blinds & Curtains

Great Competitive Value

Kleena Blinds and Curtains quality service comes at a competitive price and with better results. Our advanced custom commercial cleaning technology, solutions, and methods result in a superior clean you and your occupants will notice. 

Curtain cleaning is Kleena’s signature service – we literally invented the process! Our exclusive cleaning process removes dust, mould, smoke, pollen, odours and soil. 

Blinds – have you ever wondered how to get these Clean as New? Kleena’s trained technicians can care for not just drapery – but blinds and other window treatments.

Window Furnishings– did you know that Kleena can supply, measure, order, and install your office or property’s window furnishings? Contact a Kleena today to learn more! 

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

When it comes to guaranteeing our commercial cleaning services, we have other companies beat. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it or we’ll refund your money.

Flexible Scheduling

To minimize disruption, we provide commercial cleaning services after hours, on weekends, and around your schedule. Our service techs work quickly while respecting your work environment.


You can trust our highly trained, certified, and background-checked commercial cleaning service tech to show up on time, work professionally, and get the job done quickly and correctly the first time around.


Prolong the working life of your commercial window furnishings.